Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln



This study examines the techniques for promoting library information resources and services through outreach activities and how librarians and other library patrons perceive the techniques for promoting the resources and services, and the factors affecting the perceptions regarding effectiveness of techniques used. Data were collected using a survey questionnaire that was purposively distributed to students, librarians and members of academic staff. A total of 40 respondents participated in the study. Data were analyzed using descriptive and inferential statistics (Chi-square Test) using SPSS software V.16. It was found that several techniques are used to promote library resources and services. These include catalogues, displays, print adverts each 7%, followed by e-mails (6%) and workshops, phones, leaflets, and face to face events each 5%. The present position respondent holds were found to influence positively and significantly a number of outreach approaches. It was found that the catalogue was rated effective by 28 (70%) respondents in promoting library services, the website was rated effective by 28 (70%) of respondents and the posters were rated effective by 20 (50%) of respondents. From the study, it can be concluded that the library could invest in the use of most highly rated outreach techniques such as face-to-face events, training sessions, workshops, brochures, catalogue, website, phones, leaflets, adverts, e-mail, classroom instructions, social media, posters and library tours to promote the use of services and resources among the library user community. On the part of respondents, they gave the following opinions to improve outreach services: use of social media and library website updates (61%), frequent email alerts of new arrivals, regular user training, and increased publicity by brochures and leaflets each (13%).



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