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The study was conducted to evaluate digital record management system in the hospitals in Minna metropolis (a case study of General Hospital Minna, Niger State). Four research questions guided the study. Survey research design was adopted. The population of the study was one hundred and twenty four (124) medical staff (Doctors, Nurses, Laboratory Technologists and Pharmacists). There was no sampling as the entire population was used for the study. A 19 items structured questionnaire was developed from the literature and used for data collection. Three experts validated the instrument. Data collected was analysed using frequency and simple percentage. The findings revealed that the degree of application of digital record management system is high in general hospital Minna having a response indication of 62(50%) agreed and 52(41.9%) strongly agreed to the degree of application of digital record management system in the hospital. This implies that e-health record has the ability to improve the quality of health care services rendered by the hospital. Based on the findings, it was recommended that Policies, strategies and decisions to positively support and guide the proper implementation and usage of digital record management system should be upheld and considered very important in the hospital system.



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