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Summer 12-29-2017


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This study investigates the Information and Communication Technology use in book marketing by emerging indigenous Publishing firms and booksellers in Ibadan Metropolis. Relevant literature on Book Publishing: An Overview and Information Communication Technology use in book marketing was reviewed. The descriptive survey research which includes the causal-comparative (Ex-post-Facto) method of research design was adopted for this study. The study population consisted of sixty (60) staff (CEOs and the marketing staff of the seven Indigenous publishing firms and booksellers in Ibadan metropolis). Data collected, were analyzed using simple percentages. The study provides answers to six research questions posed. Findings showed that digital printing, Internet and Computers among others were the major ICTs available to the indigenous publishers and booksellers for book marketing. Findings also showed that Telephone/GSM, Computers, E-Mail, etcetera were the major types of Information Technology indigenous publishers and booksellers can access. Findings further showed that indigenous publishers and booksellers apply the use of ICT in their daily activities. Moreso, findings showed that ICTs are beneficial in carrying out duties as majority agreed that it is faster than manual. Findings also revealed that ICTs have favourable impact on publishing and book marketing as respondents agreed that it is a better ways of marketing books. Findings revealed that high cost, poor power supply, piracy, etc were the challenges of using ICT by indigenous publishers in book marketing. Based on these findings, the following were recommended: the emerging indigenous publishing houses and booksellers in Ibadan metropolis need to procure modern and adequate information and communication technologies and are also encouraged to create websites of their own and place adverts of their publications on the websites and other similar websites like Barnes and Noble, that sell books on the Internet.