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The purpose of the study is to examine educators’ perception of accreditation processes in university-based library and information science schools in south-east, Nigeria. The survey research design was adopted. The sample size comprises 38 library and information science educators working in the selected university-based library schools in South-east, Nigeria. The questionnaire was used for data collection. The generated data were analyzed using mean rating. Inadequacy of funds, shortage of qualified personnel, poorly equipped laboratory, shortage of teaching staff at the professorial cadre, lack of well equipped practical laboratory and non-participation of LRCN in accreditation process affect the accreditation of university-based library schools in the south-east zone. The paper concludes that state of accreditation process in university-based library schools is worrisome. There is a dire need to restructure the accreditation processes of university-based library schools and bring various stakeholders in librarianship into the streamline. Adequate funding of library schools, involvement of LRCN in accreditation of library schools, recruitment of qualified lecturers and engaging in exchange/collaboration programme were recommended.



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