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The use and continuous use of the website in the developed countries universities are predominant, and the developing countries universities are heightening their effort in the aspect of education technology. The reason why one university website is better than the other concerning quality and accessibility is the focus of this study and this prompt evaluation of 141 Universities in Nigeria across the Federal, State, and the Private ownership. We opted for a hybrid approach to cover the gap in the previous studies. WebQual and SITEQUAL as a framework is adopted based on the web analytical tools. The study contributes theoretically by combining two website quality theories to explain the inhibitors, improvement, quality and future updates of Nigeria Universities websites based on ease of use, processing speed, aesthetic design, interactive responsiveness, entertainment, trust and usefulness and come up with a new WebFUQII model. The contributes to methodology by using web diagnostic hybrid tools that gives more explanatory power. The study also gives managerial implications and guides future direction.