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This study presents citation analysis of fifty-two doctoral theses in education accepted by the school of postgraduate studies, university of Maiduguri, between 1987 and 2015. The title pages, abstracts and references of each thesis were photocopied and examined thoroughly in terms of name of the researcher, title of thesis, year of award, subject area covered, number of citations, types of works cited and the total of each cited work. Bibliometric techniques were used in the analysis, which involves counting and categorising works cited in each thesis according to the following: books and monographs, journal articles, theses and dissertations, conference proceedings, unpublished materials, reports, newsletters and online sources. The information gathered was collated and analysed using frequency counts and percentage scores, presented in tables. Findings of the study revealed that Curriculum and Instruction ranked highest as the most researched subject areas, while Educational Psychology and Educational Measurement and Evaluation were the least researched subject areas. Books and monographs were cited more than other forms of library materials in the theses analysed. Similarly, out of the 80 journals cited, twenty-four were identified as the most frequently cited. Most of the works cited by the researchers fall between I980 and 1989.



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