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Spring 3-31-2018


Nishavathi, E and Jeyshankar, R.

Measuring Co- authorship Pattern in Research Output of Chromosome Anomalies


This article studies about the collaborative measures of published documents in the field of chromosome anomalies. It discusses about inadequacies of collaborative measures in analyzing the collaborating behavior and strength of collaboration in a discipline. It also suggests centrality measures, as degree centrality, closeness, and betweenness in analyzing the collaboration among the researchers and scientists in the field of chromosome anomalies. The bibliographical database PubMed is used as sources for bibliometrics and 35912 citations examined for co – authorship pattern, collaborative behavior of the scientists. Centrality measures were used to construct a network for co – authorship in chromosome anomalies research during the year 2007 – 2016 and to find out the most influential predominant author in the field.



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