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Owing to advances in Information Communication Technologies (ICTs), information repositories have radically changed their information dissemination platforms and employed new techniques. Information repositories such as libraries are striving to remain relevant in the 21st century. It has become essential for libraries to meet 21st century user needs and demands. Today libraries have acquired new roles and are making use of various technologies such as mobile technology and social networks to disseminate information to library users. ICTs have been employed in information services due to their ability to provide high speed and effective access. Usage of information communication technologies present information seekers with a variety of advantages such as; 24/7 connectivity, self-service platforms, limitless access and it is time saving. The purpose of this paper is to discuss various techniques used to disseminate information in the 21st century era. The paper aims to inform and raise awareness to 21st century information professionals about the use of technology in information dissemination. This paper is based on literature review, it is an in depth desk-top research.