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Mbagwu, F.C., Okoye, I.B. and Anyanwu, I.A. (2018). Pedagogy in Library and Information Science Programme in Nigeria. Library Philosophy and Practice.



The attitude of some of the library and information science instructors (LISIs) to continue to teach students with pedagogies not aligned with the changing trend in today’s information environment has been identified as one of the reasons why there is low job performance among librarians in their workplaces in Nigeria. This study is aimed to find out the most preferred pedagogy adopted by LISIs in the University based library and information science school programme in South East, Nigeria. A structured questionnaire was designed and distributed to 138 librarians with the help of research assistants by face to face contact. The questionnaire contained both closed and open-ended questions. All the 109 respondents that responded to the questionnaire preferred to use lecture method for convenience sake even though most of the instructors knew that it is not the most beneficial for students. The reasons for nonuse of other teaching methods by LISIs include: inadequate time, inadequate resources and management problems among others. The result of this study shows a need to initiate change in the teaching methods used in undergraduate library and information science programme in Nigeria. This study recommends that library school management should provide enabling environment for teaching and learning, teaching methods that will benefit students in a way that better prepares them for the workplace. A method that will be more interactive, up-to-date and more diverse than the lecture method.