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Background: Bibliometric assessment of journal literature helps the policy makers to formulate policies regarding the related subject and to know the latest trends of publications. The pharmaceutical sciences are combination of various academics fields and technologies of pharmaceutical products related to design, action, delivery and nature of drugs. The aim of this study is to evaluate the research productivity of Pakistan Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences (PJPS).

Research Methods: This is retrospective study on research items published in PJPS during 1998 – 2012 carried out at Libraries of King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences, Saudi Arabia during March to September 2017. The data was collected from the website of respective journal. Spreadsheet of Microsoft Excel was prepared for statistical analysis.

Results: PJPS published 722 articles contributed by 2504 authors with an average of 4.06 authors per article during the years 1998 – 2012. Male authors (67%) were dominated in writing research items. Majority of articles (97%) were written by multi-authors, single author share was very small (3%). Pharmacognosy found to be the most preferred area of research. The contribution from the researchers of 32 countries produced 329 (45.5%) articles revealed that the journal has international recognition.

Conclusion: PJPS creates a credible place for imparting the knowledge of pharmaceutical sciences research from all around the world, providing a platform to scientists and researchers to share their information to another one for saving a life.