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This research reviews well cited United Arab Emirates Research Journals as per journal bibliometric quality indicators and scientometric protocols. Complex algorithms and trustworthy databases were used in judging journals quality ranking level.

The main objective of this research work is to assess currently employed (2015) scientific journal quality indices with emphasis on recognised indicators that include: Journal Impact Factor (JIF), Eigenfactor Score (ES), SCImago Journal Rank indicator (SJR) and H5-index. United Arab Emirates Research Journals were chosen from their category within Web of Science. JIFs and ESs are acquired from Journal Citation Report and the SJR from the SCImago Journal and country rank website(Cantín, Muñoz, & Roa, 2015).

The thirty-nine (39) selected United Arab Emirates Research Journals were recorded and their associated data records and information documents retrieved from their primary locations, in Web of Science (WoS) and Scopus, in relating JIF, SJR, ES and H5 quality indicators for ranking purposes and rationales. Correlations amongst indicators were signified through Pearson’s and Spearman’s statistical correlations, calculated by means of SPSS software. Inspected JIFs fluctuated between 3.753 and 0.59; ES ranged between 0.03069 and 0.00028, while JSR extended between 1.605 and 0.207 and H5 varied between 59 and 9.

Bivariate correlation between the four indicators (JIF, ES, SJR and H5) for ranking of the nominated United Arab Emirates Research Journals revealed a high Pearson’s (r) statistical correlation between JIF and SJR indicators (r = 0.841) and a rather low statistical correlation between JIF and H5 indicators for journals in the selected category (r = 0.761). This correlation is lowest between JIF and ES values (r = 0.527).

Spearman’s rho statistical correlation showed a high correlation between JIF and SJR indicator for United Arab Emirates Research Journals (coefficient value of 0.871). A rather low correlation was noted among JIF and each of ES and H5 rankings (coefficient value = 0.728 for both indicators).



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