Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln



This study looked into the Effect of Strategic Management on Customer Satisfaction, libraries competition, learning/innovation process and internal process effectiveness in Manufacturing Enterprises.

Methodology: The librarians in southwest Nigeria formed the population of study, from which a sample of 162 librarians, or 25% the population was strategically randomly selected for the study by a combined purposive and systematic random sampling techniques. The survey research design was used and data were collected through the use of questionnaires and structured interviews were necessary. The data collected were analysed using Analysis of Variances (ANOVA), correlation and descriptive analysis in pursuance of the stated specific objectives of the study. Five hypotheses were formulated and tested at 5 degree level of significance.

Findings: It was found out that strategic management had significant effect on the management and development as well as competitive edge of libraries.

Recommendations: It recommends that more than ever before, Librarians are therefore advised to adopt strategic management process in order to boost the performance of their libraries.



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