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This papers' Findings based on a results of MSc. Thesis at the Islamic Azad University of Ahvaz


This study aimed to investigate the relationship between perceived richness of information resources at academic library and the attitude to use them by students' of Islamic Azad University of Ahvaz; and conducted by an analytical survey method. Using stratified random sampling 380 students were selected and data were collected using researcher made questionnaire. Results showed that the students have no tendency (mean=3.2281) to use the information resources of library. Meanwhile, the library information resources in terms of update (mean=3.2281), accessibility (mean=3.1702), quality (mean=3.1342), transparency (mean=3.1325) and quick feedback ability (mean=3.1325) are above average and in a relatively favorable level; but, in terms of interactivity (mean=2.9746) they are at a relatively unfavorable. Results also demonstrated that there exist a significant positive relationship (Sig=0.000) between the perceived richness of information resources and the attitude to use them (r=0.689) .Due to the richness of various information resources, electronic resources (mean=2.35) has been specified richer than others. The update feature for periodicals (mean=3.69) and electronic resources (mean=3.76), and the feature of quality (mean=3.76) were the most important ones compared to the other dimensions of information richness. The study findings indicated that paying attention to the features of information resource richness could be effective in increasingthe students’attitude to use the information resources.