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Adebayo, O., Segun-Adeniran, C. D., Fagbohun, M.O. & Osayande, O. (2018). Investigating Occupational Burnout in Library Personnel, Library Philosophy and Practice


Background: This paper is an attempt to investigate occupational burnout among library personnel in University Libraries in Ogun State, Nigeria. Burnout is a state of emotional, mental, and physical exhaustion which is caused by prolonged stress.

Objectives: find out if library personnel in academic libraries in Ogun State, do experience occupational burnout, Highlight the perceived causes of occupational burnout, identify the consequences of occupational burnout on the library personnel surveyed and strategies to mitigate burnout syndrome among library personnel.

Methods: A descriptive survey method was adopted for the study Two hundred and thirty six copies of structured questionnaire were administered and Two hundred and twenty one (representing 93.6% response rate) were retrieved. One hypothesis was tested using Pearson correlation. Results: The causes of occupational burnout among library personnel sampled ranged from inadequate resources to work with, rigid working hours, unfavorable policies.

Discussions: Drawing from the analysis carried out, there are some factors that affect the level of burnout experienced by the library personnel; these factors go a long way to affect the level of occupational burn out experienced.

Conclusion: The paper concludes that the level of commitment of the library personnel could be determined by the nature of prevailing policies in the institution