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This paper aimed to determine the information needs and information seeking behaviour of the Krobo beads producers in the Eastern Region of Ghana. It also looked at sources of information available to to the beads producers as well as the problems they encountered when searching for information about their work. The study employed qualitative research methods. One hundred and sixty three beads producers participated in the study. Data was triangulate though interview, observation and focus group discussions. The findings of the study revealed that the main knowledge gaps of the beads producers were registration of their designs, branding of their beads, marketing of their beads, as well as copyright and health issues. The beads producers mainly sought information from their intimidate family, neighbors, friends, NGOs, radio television and beads sellers. The study recommended among other things the need for community radio stations and information centres in the local communities to consciously develop and broadcast programms to disseminate information that are relevant to the beads producers in their local language.