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Method: The purpose of this research is applied research and based on the method of data collection, there is a descriptive (non-experimental) survey. The main tool for collecting data is the check list. The reliability of the check list was 0.854 by Cronbach's alpha, which indicates the reliability of the check list and the validity of the check list was confirmed through content validity and structural validity. The statistical population consists of 31 provincial portals affiliated with public libraries. RESULTS: The results of the research indicate that the quality of the system of the portal of public libraries has been lower than expected and the quality of the information portal of the public libraries institution has been higher than expected and also the quality of the public libraries portal services has been lower than expected.

Conclusion: What is called the public libraries portal is a website and, of course, these news websites are very up-to-date and active in the field of news. And somehow they can be called news websites. Of course, according to the research findings of some provinces (such as East Azarbaijan province and Ardebil), they can be used as a template by providing scientific and educational materials and applying attractive design.