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Date of this Version

Summer 7-9-2018


Purpose: of this research is to assess services quality in Tabriz Central Library using LibQual model.

Methodology: Applied research method is used approach. The basis of this survey involved LibQual model questionnaire that consist of 28 items in three dimensions (affect of services, service control and library as a place and space).

Statistical population of research involved 11927 users of the Tabriz central library that 375 of users have been selected through Simple random sampling method and Chi-squared test, Mann-Whitney test, kruskal-wallis and Friedman have been used to analyze findings.

Findings: of research show that Level of received services by users in Thementined are more than the minimum expected level. In analyzing the different findings of researchs which are mentioned in the literature review of this research, the maximum expected level of users has not been satisfied in none of the various kinds of libraries.

Conclouusion: Genenrally, the overall quality of Tabriz Central Library is more than the minimum enpected level of users and there is little gab between existent level and the maximum expected level.



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