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Public libraries play an important role in promoting rural community development of rural areas. Information needs of rural public library users (especially backward community people with lower income group) are different from other public library users. To study their need, a survey has been conducted on Lodha community in Senna and Chandana Mouza at Keshiary block of Paschim Medinipur. A structured questionnaire was prepared to collect data from different economically backward public library users. The aim of our study is to know the basic community information needs and information seeking pattern of public library users of Keshiary block, Paschim Medinipur. Some case studies also have been incorporated to analysis their need. The study has clearly shown that, it is necessary to make public library in every rural village and make the economically backward people aware about the need and importance of the rural public library. So, state government should take steps for the proper growth, recruitment, and development of rural public libraries located in the remote areas of West Bengal.



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