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The paper examined the effect of mentoring practices and years of work experience on job performance of cataloguers in Nigerian libraries. Copies of a self-developed, pre-tested and validated questionnaire were served, using total enumeration method, on the delegates at the 36th Annual Conference/Workshop of the Cataloguing, Classification and Indexing Section of the Nigerian Library Association.

The study established that even though mentoring practices existing in Nigerian Libraries but the practice was relatively low. However, there was significant relationship between mentoring practices and job performance of cataloguers in Nigerian Libraries but there was no significant relationship between job performance and years of work experience.

Having discovered that mentoring influence performances of cataloguers in Nigerian libraries, the paper recommended that mentoring practices should be further reinforced in Nigerian libraries and make it formal with a view to guarantee continued career and professional development of the employees in Nigerian libraries. To this extent, it is desirable that knowledge management practices be embraced to support mentoring practices because there is a great nexus between the two constructs.