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Objective - The aim of this paper is to reveal the trend of public library research in India. Public libraries are considered as an imperative institution to provide information and to spread knowledge within the rural and urban settings, therefore a closure examination on public libraries is necessary in order to know the researches going on in these libraries. This paper is thus intent to investigate the year wise researches on public library, core areas of public library in which researches are done, keyword analysis by using zipf’s law, supervising pattern, university wise ranking in contribution of public library research and trend of public library research in the upcoming future.

Methodology - The data has been collected from Shodhganga: a reservoir of Indian theses hosted by INFLIBNET centre. Different key words like public library, public library services, community information service, information seeking behavior, public library collection etc. has been used to retrieve the data. In total 71 theses has been retrieved from the year 1977 to 2016. The data thus collected has been put into Ms-excel sheet and arranged according the requirement of the present study.

Findings - This study reveals that the highest number of contribution in public library research has been done in the year 2013 with 7 number of thesis. The keywords like library, public, study, development etc are mostly used in the title of the theses. From zipf’s law, rank and frequency of words have been calculated. Tridib Tripathi from Burdwan University has guided the highest number of theses during the study period. Karnataka University ranked first by contributing highest number of theses on public library from 1977 to 2016 and solo guided researches are more predominant than jointly guided research.



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