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Winter 5-11-2018


Globally, extreme poverty remains an enormous socioeconomic and multifaceted challenge, which has a ripple effect on other factors that affect the quality of life of citizens. Continuing and expanding on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), the United Nations (UN) developed the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs aimed at improving the livelihood of citizens by entrenching human development particularly in poor and developing countries. This is a conceptual paper based on the document analysis or literature review. The article is aimed at analysing information sources and highlights new frontiers community libraries can play in assisting the general South African public to be aware of the good intentions of the SDGs and to mobilise them to strategically work towards achieving them. As hubs for knowledge economy, community libraries need to transcend their existing frontiers to entrench socioeconomic development and transformation in South Africa to improve quality of life of the citizens.



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