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Spring 5-2018


Objective: Investigating the role of social networks in the scientific exchanges of librarians of the public libraries of Kerman province in 2017.

Design and setting: The tool was the standard questionnaire"The Role of Social Networking in the Academic Exchange of Librarians".The statistical population was librarians working in the public libraries of Kerman province,whom were designated as 125 participants by a census method. Questionnaires were distributed between librarians in spring 2017 and analyzed by SPSS21, independent t-test and one-way ANOVA.

Findings: The highest membership record in social networks was 1 to 2 years (28%),the highest usage rate was 1 to 2 hours per day (55.20%),the most popular social network was Telegram‌(49.60%) and computer skills of most participants (67.02%) was moderate.Education had significant relationship with components of "knowledge enhancement"(p = 0.15),"the advantages of using social networking"(p = 0.48),"the impact of social networks on organizations"(p = 0.25) and "the role of social networking in scientific exchanges"(p = 0.25), and the membership record and rate of use during the day had a significant relationship with all components (p = 0.00).The component of"social networking applicability‌" had the highest average (3.2),“the impact of social networks in the academic life of individuals‌"had the lowest mean(2.49) and an effect on the academic exchanges of librarians.The role of social networks in the academic exchanges of librarians in public libraries in Kerman province was 13.19 out of 25 and it was estimated at an average level.

Conclusion: Few librarians are aware of the benefits of using social networks in the library and information centers and the role of social networks in their scientific development and the relevant organization. Perhaps this is due to their lack of information literacy about social networks or the lack of being updated and validity of information available on social networks. Given the benefits of social networking in the field of creating interactions, service and information in libraries and information centers, and the prevalence of using this tool among people, it is desirable that by using social networks in a controlled and targeted way by librarians, in order to facilitate and expedite the provision of services in this area to group of users in the public libraries of city in particular the libraries covered by the public libraries of Kerman, steady and forward-looking steps have to be taken.

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