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Winter 2-1-2018


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With introducing and developing AI logic, this science as a branch of computer science could impact and improve all sciences which used computer systems. LIS also could get benefit from AI in many areas. This paper survey applications of AI in library and information science and introduce the potential of library system to apply AI techniques. Intelligent systems have contributed for many librarian purposes like cataloging, indexing, information retrieval, reference, and other purposes. We applied Exploratory Factor Analysis (EFA) as a primer method for identification of the most applicable AI techniques categories in LIS. ESs are the most usable intelligent system in LIS which mimic librarian expert’s behaviors to support decision and management. AI also can utilize in many areas such as speech recognition, machine translation and librarian robots. In this study four criteria for the application of AI in the library systems in Iran was considered and it is determined in three area included public services, technical services, and management services. Then, degree of development these services was studied using taxonomy method. The results showed that most developed Recommender Systems (RM) in library systems in Iran and Natural Language Processing (NLP) is the most undeveloped criterion.



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