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Background: Considering the importance of co-authorship and thematic networks in expanding specialization and improving the quality of scientific works, the purpose of this research is to map and analyze the co-authorship and thematic networks of the Kurdistan University of Medical Sciences in the Science Citation Database between years 2011-2016.

Method: Research society of scientific publications in Kurdistan University of Medical Sciences, indexed in the science citation database between years 2011-2016. In order to analyze the data, Excel and HistCite software, and to map the networks and analyze them the Citespace and Gephi software were used.

Findings: The number of scientific publications of Kurdistan University of Medical Sciences during the studied years is 518 papers with 4914 citations. The average number of citations for each paper was 9 and the dominant co-authorship pattern in these years is a five-author pattern. The collaboration index for the years under examination is 5.66, the degree of collaboration is 0.99 and the collaboration coefficient is 0.98. The researchers' desire to create a co-authorship network between years 2011-2016 has increased and the largest international collaboration of university researchers was with Canada. In the mapping thematic network, among the subjects under the study of the university, environmental health, public and professional, the highest degree of centrality, and pharmacy and pharmacology had the highest betweeness centrality.

Conclusion: Considering the high level of collaboration and co-authorship between researchers of Kurdistan University of Medical Sciences, it is recommended to create the essential ground for initiating and consolidating international and national collaboration and setting up scientific and expert colleague groups.

Keywords: Scientific Collaboration, Co-authorship Network, Kurdistan University of Medical Sciences

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