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Winter 6-24-2018



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This study investigates the factors influencing the career choice of library and information science students in Federal Polytechnic Ede, Osun State. The major objectives of this study was to find out the factors that influence the choice of librarianship as a career among students, the level of students perception towards library and information science as a career and to find a way out on how library and information science can become a reputable discipline in the society. A total number of 127 newly admitted students into LIS were purposely chosen. Enumerative sampling techniques were adopted. Structured questionnaire were used for data collection. Findings of the study revealed that students were influenced based on their personal interest in the course 78(70.9%), to seek for knowledge 77(70.0%) and Career expectation 60(54.5%). The study also find out that the students level of perception towards choosing librarianship as a career, and it was indicated that Library and information science is a lucrative field 95(86.4%), Library and information science is a professional course 93(84.6%),it offers job security 76(69.1%) and they will like to further their career in librarianship 60(54.5%). Furthermore the study find out that librarianship as a career should be introduced to secondary schools curriculum in Nigeria 99(90.0%).The study therefore recommendthat there should be a continuous awareness of LIS in other to clarify the belief of the public that LIS profession is a dumping ground for poor students, Nigeria library association should be involved in educating the publics about librarianship as a profession through symposiums, conferences, etc.



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