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The purpose of the paper is to examine the nexus between digitization, preservation and access in the context of selection of archival materials for digitization in Nigeria. In this paper, the author reviewed literature on the importance of archival materials, connection between digitization, preservation and access and the selection of materials for digitization at the National Archives of Nigeria. The study was carried out to understand the phenomenon in a local context and this anchored upon a previous study and preliminary observation by the researcher which revealed that the materials at the National Archives of Nigeria are fast deteriorating and the organization does not have a digitization plan or policy. A digitization policy which clearly outlines the criteria for selection of materials is very important to the digitization plan of any organization. The research adopted a qualitative research method. Data for the study was collected through data analysis and observation. The data collected were triangulated.

The study highlights the importance of selection in the process of digitizing the collections of the National Archives of Nigeria. The paper will be useful to policy makers and all stakeholders as well as the Federal Government of Nigeria. While there are enormous benefits to be derived from digitizing archival holdings, the lack of a selection policy is one of the major challenges faced in the digitization process. The recommendations emerging from this paper would useful in mitigating some of these challenges.