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One of the prerequisites in library automation is creation of database of in-house collections to enhance the usage of the information resources as well as the image of the library. It is a herculean task geared towards facilitating easy and quick access to the library’s valued collections. There are several methods and tools in the process of library automation. ‘Retrospective conversion’ (RECON) is a promising method which enables a library to accomplish such a tedious task. This paper discusses the retrospective conversion of bibliographic records: KOHA experience of Nigerian Institute of Advanced Library Studies (NIALS) library. The descriptive survey research design was adopted. Total enumeration technique was used to select ten (10) librarians, one (1) ICT staff and two (2) para- professionals in the library under study. A self-developed questionnaire with four subscales was used: Methods of Retrospective Conversion, Evaluation of RECON project, Problems of RECON and Solution to the problems. Four research questions were answered and Data were analysed using descriptive statistics. The study finds out that NIALS library makes use of In - House RECON method and data is keyed in manually. The paper discusses the problems inhibiting the library’s RECON project. In spite of the numerous inhibiting factors such as economic, cultural and social barriers, the library made tremendous progress in the migration of bibliographic records to the electronic environment. It recommends that NIALS library will fare better when adequate computer systems are made available, as well as dedicated internet bandwidth among others.



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