Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln



A study was conducted to investigate the accessibility and use of open access resources used in the library and Information Science PG students in Alagappa University DDE. In this paper, an attempt has been made to study the awareness of open access resources. The methodology adopted for the study surveyed in which questionnaires, interviews, and observations were used in a collection of the data. A total of 39 respondents participated in the study. It was concluded that most of the open access resources were not aware of most of the resources available hence they could not access and use them effectively. This study shows that majority of the student’s impact of the open access resources in that 16 (41%) of the frequency are male while 23(59%) are female in the use of open access resources in distance education students in Alagappa University.Show that 39(100%) respondents are Awareness of open access resources available from the library. Show that the maximum learning of open access resources 16(41%) respondents information access in the home, followed by library 11(28.2%), that the maximum Level of satisfaction of open access resources 25(64.10%) respondents information access in Satisfied,that the 17 (43.58%) use for the open access resources in 1 to 3 years.