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The study has examined the research output of the keyword analysis of ‘Dengue disease’ during the period 2005 - 2014. Bibliometric indicators were existing journal articles, cited reference, authorship pattern, document wise distribution, journal self – citation and author self-citation, keyword analysis in the dengue disease. The keyword analysis of Dengue Disease for ten-years, during the year 2005 to 2014 taken for the study 3517 words were retrieved in the current study. The highest publication is 691 in 2014 rank is first, the second rank is 2012 in 518 records, third rank is 2011 in 414 records and lowest record is 131 in 2005. The out of 3517 articles single author contributed only 216 (6.14 %) articles while the rest 3301 (93.86 %) articles were contributed by Multi authors. The majority of authorship patterns are multi-author collaborations which is the highest contribution during the ten years. The degree of collaboration ranges from 0.90 to 0.97 and the average degree of collaboration is 0.94. Researchers identified the total number of Countries i.e. 130 during the period between 2005- 2014. But, we observed the majority of the Country “USA” in 1219 records with TLCS- 6211 and TGCS in 27146. Researchers identified the total number of keywords i.e. 5493 during the period between 2005- 2014. But selected top 20 keywords for the research purpose. We observed the majority of the keywords “Dengue” in 2038 records with TLCS 10794 and TGCS in 33761. Moreover the present study mirrors the actual published results of the work of Dengue Disease in global level.