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The present study aims to study the status of open access e-book repositories in the OpenDOAR. In order to fulfill the set objectives, relevant data were extracted from the OpenDOAR and was organized in tabular forms based on certain parameters viz: Geographical distribution, Software usage, Language diversity, Subject coverage, Operational status, Repository type and Growth of Repositories. The findings reveal that repositories containing books were 1329 in number, out of which Europe was seen to be the most dominating continent contributing 55.2% of the repositories. The USA topped the list of countries by contributing 10.2% of the repositories. Most of the repositories preferred DSpace software (42.1%). 85.6% of the repositories belonged to Institutions. Almost 96% of the repositories were seen to be functional. Since the scope of the study was restricted to OpenDOAR only, hence cautions should be taken while generalizing the results.