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The aim of the study is to investigate information literacy self-efficacy skills of postgraduate students. The study consists of 115 Library and Information Science Postgraduate Students in South-South, Nigeria. The information literacy self-efficacy scale (7 factors) developed by Kurbanoglu, Akkoyunlu & Umay (2006) was used to collect data. Descriptive statistics and Pearson Correlation Coefficients were used for analysis. Results indicated that the postgraduate students across the three institutions possess information literacy self-efficacy skills. However, there is significant variation in three out of the seven factors predicting information literacy self-efficacy skills. Therefore, the study recommends that information literacy self-efficacy should be given more attention especially in the use of metacognitive learning strategies that will enable postgraduate students increase their ability in initiating search strategy, assessing and comprehending information as well as to interpret, synthesize and use information.



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