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This paper is an attempt to understand and evaluate the use of Sub-Divisional Library by the students of various Government, Government Sponsored and Private Schools of Kalimpong, West Bengal with respect to their demographical detail, purpose and frequency of using library, meeting required information by the libraries, difficulty in getting information, library collections and staffs, and their overall satisfaction to the services provided by the library. Hence a survey of 81 students of various schools across the tiny hilly station Kalimpong was conducted through structured questionnaire and out of which 73 questionnaires were duly obtained with a response rate of 90.12%. The results call for building functional and sound sub-divisional library to attract more students for its optimal utility and in meeting the information needs of students which ultimately augment the image of public librarianship in the expanse. The findings are valuable insights for anyone seeking to know more about the library usage and perceptions of school students towards the public library services.



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