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The paper is basically a bibliometric study based on 4993 citations from 53 PhD theses under four sub-subjects of Economics viz. Indian Economics, Rural Economics, Economic Developing and International Economics). The purpose of the study is to analyze the citation pattern of references appended to the theses of all four subjects submitted to The University of Burdwan during the period 2006-2015. To fulfill the purpose, all the relevant information has been collected from the research section of The University of Burdwan and Shodhganga ( and finally has been analyzed against pre-defined parameters such as bibliographic forms, journal ranking, authorship pattern, authorship collaboration, degree of collaboration. All the information collected under these parameters has been presented through dBaseIII plus programmer. It was found that highest number of contribution was in Indian Economics with 26 theses (49.05%) and least number of theses was contributed by International Economics with 2 theses (3.77%). The study also revealed that journals were found to be most cited documents (50.15%), followed by books (26.57%) and single authored articles were mostly cited than multi-authored articles.



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