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This paper discusses colorectal cancer research output in Asian during 2000- 2017. The data has been downloaded from PubMed databases. A total of 2726 articles were found. Language distribution shows a majority of the papers are published in the English language 2661 (97.61%) irrespective of the native language of the country and those publications were in the form of journal articles i.e. 2225 (81.62%). The authorship pattern indicates the maximum number of papers was published by collaborative work of more than ten authors for which the mean value of Degree of Collaboration is 0.84 indicating the high ratio of collaborative research work undertaken by researchers. The Relative Growth Rate and Doubling Time of total publications show decreasing and increasing trend. The mean relative growth rate is 0.28. It is also found that the average exponential growth rate is 11.55% during the sample periods. The Geographical distribution of productivity of top 20 countries shows that Thailand has contributed 838 (30.74%) publications and ranked top among the countries in terms of publications. Among the authors engaged in CRC research, Wang J is the most productive author with 31 (1.13%) of total contributions. “Wang J’ had collaborated with 82 researchers in colorectal cancer research. The most common keyword used by researcher is “human”. Cluster Density view has identified 932 items with five different clusters, in which studies were grouped right from how alteration or changes take place in the cell or DNA to surgery or therapy or remedy related studies for CRC related cases.



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