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The value of records in the area of reference, historical and administrative use in any Nigerian polytechnic library cannot be overlooked. It is true that available archival records and manuscripts abound in most Nigerian polytechnic libraries, their scattered nature makes them difficult to be traced when the need for it arises. The study focuses on the desirability for polytechnic libraries to establish archival sub – systems within their systems so that valuable administrative, research, reference, historical records and manuscripts of vital values are preserved and disseminated. This approach would bring their maximum utilization by researchers into use. Social survey research method was adopted while the instruments used for data collection were questionnaire, interviews and observation. The data collected were analyzed using simple percentage and tabular presentation using bar chart. The findings of the study clearly revealed that most Nigerian polytechnic libraries do not have separate archival units within their systems although archival records and manuscripts are found in these libraries. It was observed that records considered to be archival in nature are located in the various units of the libraries headed by unit heads and treated as library materials. This makes them difficult to be located on request. The study concluded by recommending that the Nigerian polytechnic libraries should establish a separate archival units within their systems to be headed by an archivist so that the utilization of archival records and manuscripts would be enhanced and their selection, acquisition, organization, preservation and dissemination would be brought into focus in line with provenance of archive while the unit should be managed by a professional and experienced archivist.



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