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The study inspects the Information needs and seeking behavior of research scholars of Gujarat University in Social science and Linguistics disciplines. Sample constituted the population of total 80 research scholars from social science and linguistic disciplines. The study conducted through survey methodology with questionnaire developed basis on the core compounds of information seeking behaviour and collected the research data from the registered research scholars of Gujarat University. The results revealed that female little dominated in research work and the major purpose of seeking behaviour is for research work, knowledge enrichment and writing research and conference papers. Research scholars desired to use Gujarat university central library and their department library to pursue information. Study shows that research scholars have initiated to use various e-resources and internet based services but still they are not aware about remote login and File Transfer Protocol (FTP). Majority of research scholar’s consults print resources mainly reference collection, subject books and periodicals followed by digital resources for their on-going research work. Research scholars desired to discuss with subject experts and participates workshops and conferences on their areas for updating with current trends. Study also explored the difficulty faced by the scholars in information seeking activities. Study found that majority of scholars reported problem to access e-resources of university library and due to the information overload facing difficulty to identify appropriated sources. Study concluded with the recommendations to the university library authority to understand the research scholar’s needs and reframe the library management system based on the social scientists requirement and provide batter quality library services to this important community.