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This study aims at comparing information needs, sources, and use by faculty of science undergraduate students in universities in southwest Nigeria. In order to sample all important sub-population of the students, data were collected from seven departments which are Computer science, Chemistry, Microbiology, Industrial Chemistry, Physic, Archaeology, and Anthropology. Data was collected using a questionnaire from 500 students while data were analyzed using frequency counts, percentages, mean and standard deviation. It was found that Students information needs are basically for completing homework, information professionals are still unable to professionally identify information needs of students, students rely on textbooks, internet, billboards and social gatherings as major sources of information, handbills are highly utilized, preparing of notes was found as the major constraint to the usage of information while the demystification of information needs and sources was found to aid the use of information. The study concluded that information need of faculties of sciences undergraduate students are noted ingredient for student’s success in their various departments while it was recommended among others that in order to sustain and ensure the high level of accessing materials among undergraduates of science student, all links that will aid them to access materials maximally must be provided by various institution of learning in University of Ibadan, Nigeria.