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Winter 8-21-2018


The present study explores the quantum of productivity in the field of Entomology. For this study, the data were downloaded from the ‘Web of Science Core Collection’ database and there were 1671 records contributed globally level over a period of five years i.e. 2012-2016. The study contributes to the different aspects of Entomology research, such as year wise distribution, country wise, authorship pattern, the degree of collaboration, and most prolific authors etc. The highest number of records was published in the year 2016, while lowest numbers of records was published in 2012. The doubling time for publications at the decreased level has been computed during 2013 - 2016. The frequency occurrence of words among the publications revealed that the word ‘Diptera’ is found more with 276 (16.5%). Lotka's law with regard to author productivity of Entomology research output was applied. It could be seen that the proportion of all output based on single contribution is important. The total numbers of publications in entomology with collaboration among the top 10 countries are presented. Largest contribution of USA was 307 (18.4%), followed by South Korea with 264 (15.8%).



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