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Information literacy is a concept that has attracted the attention of a considerable number of renowned scholars, governments and international organizations the world over. Regardless of the overwhelming exposure and deliberation surrounding the notion of information literacy, it is important to note that it is an evolving and developing concept that is applicable to all human endeavors. This paper illuminates the context of the research location which is Nigeria. A relative analysis was carried out with the intention of bringing out the status, trends, challenges and opportunities in information literacy and how it will strengthen the education system in Nigeria. The article embarked on vibrant narrative of the contextual setting by concentrating on the concept of information literacy as it influences teachings and learning in Nigeria; The status of information literacy revealing the extent, condition and present situation in Nigeria was enumerated; The trend of information literacy presenting what is in practice in information management and other significant issues in information literacy skill in Nigeria were highlighted; Challenges allied to information literacy in Nigeria were presented and different opportunities that were abound in information literacy in Nigeria were discussed with the aim of bring out whatever is novel, by cataloguing gaps and options in available for teachers in pursue of information literacy skill to better their career in Nigeria.



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