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Summer 8-23-2018


Adoption of Integrated Library Management System (ILMS) in Nigerian university libraries is becoming popular. However, the literature review revealed that many libraries have been moving from one system to another and in the process losing a large chunk of library records. This situation poses a serious threat not only to ILMS adoption but also to its use. This study, therefore, sought to determine adoption factors of ILMS in Nigerian university libraries. The study design was descriptive of the qualitative survey. Twenty-five Systems Librarians from the selected university libraries formed the population. Data collection instrument was an interview checklist. Results showed that technological, library and librarians’ factors and libraries funding patterns were the main factors that determined ILMS adoption in the libraries. The study concluded that the ILMS adoption factors would ensure long use of the selected ILMS if the factors are considered before adoption. It, therefore, recommended that libraries willing to adopt ILMS should formulate policy based on the adoption factors.



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