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Effiong, Ekemini and Philip, Kathryn (2018). Work Load, Librarians Output and Satisfaction in Select Academic Institutions in South - South, Nigeria. Library Philosophy and Practice (e-journal)



This paper notes that workers in a bid to be productive in order to actualise oganisational goals, become overloaded with tasks. This naturally leads to feeling pressure which can result in stress feelings of not being satisfied with the job situation workers find themselves in. These are issues discussed in relation to library staff in six universities in three states in South – South region of Nigeria. Questionnaire was instrument used for data gathering and administered to 102 academic librarians working in the universities under study. Mean, Standard Deviation and t-tests were statistical tools used for analysing the data. Major findings designates that librarians who are motivated to work can be affected (adversely) in their job as a result of work pressure. The result indicates that librarians who have heavy work load are not as satisfied in the job as those with less work load. The study recommends among others that organisations should adopt and implement practical solutions in career path. For instance since people use energy, work should be spread out evenly to avoid draining energy. More so, the librarian diligently involved in responsibility, deserves recognition and rewards as incentive to do more and even better.