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Introduction: The aim of this study is to compare the growth of research published in following six e-journals published from Pakistan during the period of 2006-2015.

1). Journal Surgery of Pakistan,

2). Pakistan Journal of Medical Research,

3). Pakistan Pediatric Journal,

4). Pakistan Journal of Ophthalmology,

5). Pakistan Heart Journal and

6). Journal of Liaquat University of Medical & Health Sciences.

Methodology: The data of published items of all targeted six Pakistani medical journals were downloaded from their respective websites and saved the required information in Microsoft Excel Sheet during January to May 2018 for statistical analysis. Number of published items, authors, gender-wise segregation of authors and authorship pattern were calculated.

Results: Total 2133 research items published in 230 issues of six e-journals during 2006-2015 with an average of 9.27 articles per issue, 7949 authors contributed their research with an average of 3.72 authors per papers. Gender-wise distribution of authors showed that majority of authors (n=6022; 75.7%) were male while female authors counted 1921 (24.1%). Gender-wise distribution of first author revealed that the share of female authors were 28.2%. Bulk of research (n=1951; 91.4%) were produced by collaborative efforts.

Conclusion: It is concluded that surgery and allied specialties is the preferred area of research and there is need to conduct more research on cardiology. Most of the papers were written in collaborative efforts and three authors pattern was found most favorite