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Winter 12-10-2018


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The main purpose of this study was to discover the perceptions and expectations of users towards public libraries. Public libraries are meant for the public and run by the public money and provide services to all the members of the society without any discrimination. To achieve the objectives of the study a survey has been conducted in selected public libraries in Lucknow. For the collection of the data well designed questionnaire was used and data were collected to 135 respondents selected from the 09 public library. The major results were as follows: the study finds that most of the respondents were male and the common reason of respondents for visiting a library for study and competition purpose. The study findings are as follows; the services are good, staffs are cooperative and computer and internet facilities are very poor. The users of public libraries have more expectations like, lack of internet and wifi facility, library websites, photocopy facility, computer facility etc. Some people are not aware about the public library so advertised of public library and more financial support will be required.



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