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Winter 10-4-2018


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The present study explores the characteristics of the literature on urban sprawl published during the last three decades, based on the Web of Science database and its implications by using scientometric techniques. The results of this study shows that the urban sprawl has grown exponentially during this period reaching 3272 papers in total. The United States was the largest contributor in global urban sprawl research, as the USA produced most independent and collaborative papers. University of California System, USA is the largest institutional contributor publishing 3.39% of the papers. Salvati, L (Council for Agricultural Research & Economics, Italy) is the most productive author with 77 publications and 903 citations. Landscape and Urban Planning is the most publishing journals whilst, Environmental Sciences and Ecology are the most published subject areas. The total number of citations are of 62,211, with a ratio for the average citations per publication as 19.01 and “H-index” as 112. The number of cited papers is 38284 and the proportion of cited papers to the total is 1.17. This study provides researchers and practitioners with an extensive understanding of the salient research themes, trends and pattern of urban sprawl research worldwide.