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Winter 10-4-2018

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This study examined availability, accessibility and utilization of grey literature for quality research by Postgraduate students of University of Agriculture Makurdi. The study had five objectives and five research questions. The study adopted survey research design. Population for this study was 89 subjects comprising all staff both Professionals and Para-professional from University of Agriculture Makurdi library. The entire population of 89 subjects was used for the study as sample size. Instrument used for the study was constructed questionnaire. Data was collected and analysed using mean and standard deviation. Study found out grey literature (GL) are not accessed and utilized by postgraduate students. Findings of the study also revealed that many challenges faced by postgraduate Students in accessing grey literature. It was found that there are strategies that promote utilization of grey literature by post graduate students of University of Agriculture Makurdi. The study concluded that there is need to improve on the management and use of grey literature. It was recommended that government should make provision for adequate funds for acquisition of grey literature in University libraries, University management should ensure that relevant materials to current curricula and teacher/student interests are supplied in the library and the University management should embark on regular review and supply of new grey materials the library.