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This article never submitted elsewhere. It is research articles submitted to Library Philosophy and Practice for consideration of publication in its up-coming issue.


Mother language and national language play pivotal role in the educational developments of the nations. Much importance is being awarded for the promotion of these languages all over the world as well as inPakistan. National languages are considered as official languages in many of the countries. In this regard recently the Government of Pakistan and courts ruled out the implementation of Urdu as official language.

Quantitative research method followed by survey was opted for the completion of this study. Two separate questionnaires were used to get the relevant data from the respondents (Librarians and Students). This study explored library collection (including Urdu language collection) which is in total 1299384 books, 497 journals, 76 magazines, 89 newspapers, 34504 thesis/ dissertations/ projects, 13211 audio/ video (CDs/DVDs) and 18000 other types of collections available cumulatively in the public sector university libraries of the Lahore and also explored that majority of public sector libraries in Lahore have collection in Urdu language on various subjects but a very little in numbers. Change of curricula in English medium; lack of enough space in libraries and availability of similar information in other languages are pointed out as major hurdle for acquisition of the material in Urdu language. Regarding users’ perception it was revealed that they consider the books in Urdu language as more useful for the better understanding of concepts. Regarding satisfaction the users it is found they are satisfied with the availability of collection in Urdu language in their university libraries. The majority of respondents read books in Urdu language for leisure reading while books in English language for their course work.



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