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Spring 10-5-2018


This study investigated the awareness and use of electronic databases by postgraduates in the University of Ibadan. A descriptive survey research design was adopted and questionnaire was used for data collection. The sample for the study was drawn from the population through simple Random sampling technique, and a total of 131 copies of the questionnaire were retrieved and analyzed with simple percentage, mean, mean ratings and standard deviation. Findings showed that 66.4% of the postgraduate students were generally aware of electronic databases but very few of the students were aware of each of the electronic databases that were available in the university. It was discovered that majority of the respondents used electronic databases to a high extent for carrying research work, literature searching, generate new information and to update knowledge. Results from the analysis also showed that the frequent use of the electronic databases by postgraduate students was low. The major hindrances to using electronic databases were found to be slow internet connectivity, incessant power outrage, no access to full text of citation/abstracts and inadequate infrastructure for accessing electronic resources It was recommended that librarians should make these electronic databases known to postgraduate students by educating them on its uses and benefits and to develop their information retrieval skills.



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