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Purpose: The purpose of this research was to conduct a comparative study on the marketing status of library services of libraries in Qom Payame Noor University (PNU) and Qom University (QU) based on the 7P model in 2018.

Methodology: This research is an applied, a cross-sectional and comparative study. The population of this research includes 77 senior students studying “library science” in QU and Qom PNU. The data collection instrument was a researcher-made questionnaire which was designed based on the capabilities of the studied libraries and its validity was confirmed by five professors and experts. Reliability of the questionnaire was obtained based on Cronbach’s alpha coefficient (0.83). SPSS®-20 and descriptive statistics such as central and sparseness indexes and inferential statistics (Chi-square, independent t-test, and Mann-Whitney test) were used to analyze data.

Findings: Mean value obtained for the components of individuals, physical evidence, promotion, and the process in libraries of PNU was significantly higher than that of QU. Only in price component, libraries of QU were significantly higher than PNU. No significant difference was observed between the product and place components in the studied libraries of these two universities.

Conclusion: The results show that the product component at QU, the component of physical evidence, promotion at PNU is not in the desirable situation and require attention and promotion for a better marketing.



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