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This seminar paper aims at establishing the need for managing community information centres for effective provision of health information to rural women. Data was gathered through desk research and content analysis approach. Data generated from analysis of literature were augmented through brainstorming and interaction with profession colleagues. The concept of community information centre (CICS), services provided by CICs, the role of CICs in transforming rural areas, health information as a concept, accessibility, availability and provision of health information to rural women, justification for community information centres (CICs), and health information needs of rural women were well articulated. The challenges to effective provision of health information to rural women includes gross underfunding of CICs, inadequate knowledge of information needs of rural communities, gap between service provided and actual information desired, dearth or skilled and qualified librarian and indifferent attitude of rural women to information utilization. The strategies that can be adopted by library and information professional (LIPs) to effectively provide health information to rural dwellers include collaboration and partnership with medical practitioners in the provision of health information, training of library personnel, automation of community information centres, creating a profile/database of health information needs of rural women, application of local approach