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The study assessed the extent of awareness and utilization of electronic library resources by students of the Tamale Technical University in Ghana’s Northern Region. Descriptive survey design was employed to collect data from 150 students using questionnaire. From the analysis, the study found that students awareness level of electronic resources was very low as majority (61%) of the students interviewed indicated they were unaware of the existence of electronic library resources in the school because they did not have prior knowledge of its existence. As a result, many of the students still resorted to the traditional library system for their research. Added to this, the small proportion (16%) of students who were aware of the existence of the electronic library resources in the school hardly utilise it for their academic purposes as 37% of respondents reported they used the electronic library resource once a week whilst 31% of the respondents used it twice week. The study therefore concludes that the low awareness of electronic resources by students in the school culminated in its low utilisation.



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